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Authors Marian and Robin White

We were born and raised in southeast England and met while climbing in the Swiss Alps. In our mid-twenties we began the first of a series of shoestring journeys through the Middle East, Asia, Australasia, South and Central America, and Africa. Those early travels, largely within the world’s poorest countries, taught us what is important in life and what is not, and were the major turning point in our lives.

Today, 40 years later, we continue in awe at the beauty and diversity of this planet and aghast at the human assault upon it.  We live at a pivotal time in history when overpopulation, overconsumption, freshwater shortages, and climate change, combined, threaten global catastrophe in this century. It is imperative that all nations move rapidly to develop ecologically sustainable economies, and learn to live within Nature’s limits.


We believe we have a contribution to make. Ever since immigrating to Canada we have been selling our stories and stock images to books and magazines. And we have given numerous slide presentations about social and environmental issues in distant lands. But, today, our focus is almost exclusively on Canada, particularly Alberta.

Our first goal was to inspire people to take a greater interest in wild Nature, for people won’t protect something they don’t understand and have no emotional attachment to. Our second goal was to foster greater public understanding of key conservation issues and workable solutions.

Currently, we seek to motivate people to greatly reduce their personal ecological footprint; and to demand that our government use Alberta’s wealth to change this province from a world leader in greenhouse-gas emissions, consumption, and waste to, instead, a world leader we can be proud of in a post-carbon, ecologically sustainable era. Where the mass of citizens lead, our governments will follow. We hope our book, Wild Alberta at the Crossroads, will help spur this necessary transformation.

Also with this in mind, Robin now presents illustrated talks in Alberta (and is available for nearby places in British Columbia), assisted by Marian, under the umbrella of the Climate Reality Project Canada. To see presentations made so far in 2012, click here.  And to see references, click here.

FotoLex Associates

From the 1980s until 2007, we licensed the use of Robin’s images through our Calgary, Alberta stock photo agency, FotoLex Associates. We have now changed the agency name to NatureWatch Partners (see below), to reflect our purpose.




FotoLex Associates – Robin White stock photography              
Robin White stock photography

NatureWatch Partners

Our partnership sells the rights to use Robin’s photos under licence.

It also promotes our new book, Wild Alberta at the Crossroads, and arranges our book tours and participation in other events.





NatureWatch Partners – Robin White stock photography
          Robin White stock photography

NatureWatch Press

This is the imprint we use for our Calgary, Alberta publishing activities



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