Wild Alberta book

“This inspirational title belongs in all
Alberta schools. [Indeed,] this is an important book for all Albertans.”

                                                       Diane Wilson, Reviewer,
                                                      Calgary Board of Education


Our Books for Schools Program proved most successful and has now ended. Businesses engaged in the new, green economy have donated hundreds of copies of Wild Alberta at the Crossroads to school libraries, and we thank them most sincerely. The books have been enthusiastically received in the schools!

For more teacher reviews, click here; more on the program and donors, here; for school responses, here.





The authors of Wild Alberta at the Crossroads are now offering presentations to Alberta schools (and other groups) on the subject of climate change and the new, green economy. 

For more on those subjects, and to book a presentation, follow leads from our home page.

To see our schedule, click News and Events on the menu bar, above. For our backgrounder for presentation hosts, which gives an overview of our presentation content, email marian.nw@nucleus.com.

Feedback from Teachers Who Hosted Presentations

“The students thought that the presenters were very knowledgeable and professional, very smart and approachable! … Real world events were eye opening, they didn't realize what was going on in the world.”

                              Tara Hobart
                              Science Teacher

“Very polished and professional; strong imagery and clear, easy-to-read graphics; logical and persuasive; breadth and depth of data was very good for the high-school audience.”

                             Richard Abma
                             Social Studies Teacher

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