Climate Change Skeptics and Deniers

What do climate change skeptics and deniers say, and why?

  • Worldwide, most people accept the findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Deniers and skeptics are mostly a phenomenon of the USA, Australia, and Britain. A CBC poll (Feb 2011) found that 80% of Canadians believe the science behind climate change, compared to only 58% of Americans. 

  • Some skeptics challenge specific aspects of the science, and that’s a good thing. It forces scientists to defend their theories and findings, which is how science progresses. Other skeptics have genuine issues with the policy-response of government, and that’s fair enough.

  • But it is well established that many deniers and skeptics are politically or financially motivated (paid for in particular by Big Oil and Big Coal). Their goal is to “reposition climate science as theory, not fact”, with the objective of undermining action on the climate crisis. For science-based responses to a vast number of deniers’ claims, see Skeptical Science.



A highly recommended book
James Hoggan with Richard Littlemore, 2009.  Climate Cover-up: The Crusade to Deny Global Warming.  Vancouver, BC: Greystone Books.

Two highly recommended web sites
DeSmog Blog:
Skeptical Science – Most Used Climate Myths:



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