(1) Calgary Board of Education

Dear Marian and Robin,

Attached is my review of your wonderful book. I have highly recommended it for all Alberta schools and we will be listing it on our Recommended Resource Listings from which our schools buy their library and school titles.  This is an important title for all Albertans…. 
Diane Wilson, Teacher-Librarian
Calgary Board of Education: Evaluation/Selection, Highfield
October 28, 2007

Marian and Robin White

Highly recommended  EJS  grades 4-12        CORE EIMJS       Canadian 

This inspirational title belongs in all Alberta schools, for reference and research at the junior and senior level and as a teacher reference at the elementary level. 

The Whites, two long-time naturalists from Calgary, have travelled and studied all areas of Alberta and, in particular, have spent considerable time and reflection on the flora and fauna, taking wonderful photos and making detailed notes.  This book discusses the natural areas one by one, the mountains, the grasslands, the parkland, the foothills, the boreal forest and the Canadian Shield, and describes what animals, birds, insects exist in each biome, how the land was formed and its unique characteristics.  As they travelled each area they talked to the local ranchers, natives, park employees, campers and many others about their concerns for the environment, changes and what the future holds.  The second part of the book discusses Alberta “At the Crossroads”, how we have damaged our environment and what we can do about it, and offers resources to help us get involved.  Information and statistics are well footnoted in the detailed notes and there is a contents and index.  Photos are well captioned and will interest all readers.  The language is very accessible for students and the content will fascinate everyone.  Much of the content will surprise and shock Albertans who have not kept informed in recent years, and comparative photos of past and present will help one realize the extent to which our province is in trouble. 

This is a “must have” resource for all school libraries for support in Science, Biology, Social Studies, Outdoor Education, Law, and individual interest. 

Highly recommended.   CORE|bPreviewed by (ESS) Evaluation/Selection

(2) An Environmental Education Specialist

To Whom It May Concern:                                                                                               March 9, 2009

Book Recommendation

Wild Alberta at the Crossroads
By Marian White and Robin White
Foreword by Andrew Nikiforuk
(c) 2007
ISBN 978-0-9783849-0-6
Published by NatureWatch Press, Calgary, Alberta

All Albertans, young and old, students and teachers, will want Wild Alberta at the Crossroads in their personal and professional libraries.  Place-based studies are critical to developing a sense of connection to the land and to each other, and are becoming increasingly important as sustainability and stewardship principles are infused into the Alberta K-12 Program of Studies and into society at large. I recommend every school and workplace have a copy of this wonderfully rich, uniquely Alberta book.

            Polly Lee

Polly Lee Knowlton Cockett
Environmental Education Specialist
Calgary, Alberta
Tel: 403 282-2014
Email: plknowlton.cockett@shaw.ca

(3) Alberta Council for Environmental Education

March 10, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

I recommend Wild Alberta at the Crossroads as an important tool for promoting ecological literacy for Albertans.

Gareth Thompson
Executive Director
Alberta Council for Environmental Education

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