As Bob Dylan says, the times are a-changin’. Global warming is happening
and fast. As world population doubled in 30 years to seven billion today, the stable climate that gave rise to agriculture and civilization in the first place has come to an end.

This is a wake-up call.

Some 75% of “natural” disasters are climate related. And those storms, heat waves, droughts, etc., are ever more frequent and savage. Canada’s once-in-40-year extreme weather events now average once in six.

Science tells us climate change is now mostly human-caused, and that time to fix it is running out. It warns us not to raise global average surface temperature more than 2°C, yet we’re on track for 6°– a path with dire consequences.

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Meanwhile, the climate denial industry has spent millions to confuse the issue, preventing needed action for 20 years.

But the public is finally connecting the dots. Seventy to 90% of

people, worldwide, understand that the change is real, risk-laden, and must be addressed.

But there’s another compelling reason for action. We’re running out of the cheap, easy-to-get-at
oil and coal that’s fuelled world economic growth for 100 years.

Leaving this mess for future generations to solve would be an intergenerational crime. 

Fortunately, there’s an answer.  We must start, now, the transition to a new, green economy based on conservation and renewable energy. Canada will get on board - or be left behind.  

Public education is key. So now, Wild Alberta at the Crossroads’ authors present illustrated talks in Alberta via the Climate Reality Project Canada

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The time for action is NOW!  Find action ideas here.

As Bob Dylan says: lead, follow or get out of the way:

For the times, they
ARE a-changin’.


Wild Alberta at the Crossroads is about our children’s heritage It traces the authors’ 7-year journey through the Rockies, foothills, grasslands, parkland, boreal forest, and Canadian Shield. The book urges far better stewardship of this corner of the Earth with which Albertans are entrusted. More

More than 4000 copies sold! And copies were donated to over 500 Alberta schools! More. Also, the book won gold at the Independent Publisher’s Book Awards 2008.

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