“This is a beautiful addition to our school library and fits in very well with Alberta’s curriculum. The photos and information …  will definitely be used by students and teachers. I have already shown the book to some of the teachers and they are very impressed with the content.”
                                                                                 Catherine Pruden – Banded Peak School, Bragg Creek

“Its detailed information about Alberta’s natural history, and emphasis on conservation, are timely and important topics for our school library. I am certain that this book will be enjoyed by both students and teachers for its value in curriculum support: its currency makes it especially relevant.”
                                                                                 Jan Wood – École Agnes Davidson School, Lethbridge

“This is a fabulous book that shows the beauty and wonder that is Alberta. Through this book I hope students see and appreciate the beauty and realize what we stand to lose if we don’t make changes to preserve the environment. This book will make a wonderful addition to our school library, and will get repeated use in our science classes.”
                                                                                                        Alexandra Middle School, Medicine Hat

“One of the locally developed courses that I teach is Species at Risk. The course is designed to make students aware of the interactions between people and the environment and the impact it has. Sometimes it is hard to find material. This book will be a great help, not only for myself, but also for the students as they research the effects of human interactions with different Alberta species.”
                                                                                 Dwayne Shepherd – The Learning Connection, Edson

“[Wild Alberta at the Crossroads] will be a great addition to our library. ‘Going green’ is an important and ongoing subject in the schools and, as such, I believe it will be well used by the students and staff at our school.‘
                                                                           Jacquie Hill– Westminster Elementary School, Lethbridge

“This book is a valuable resource for students and teachers to see how we have damaged the environment and what we can do about it. This is an excellent addition to our library.”
                                                                                               Rhonda Hunter – Medicine Hat High School

“Thank you for your donation of Wild Alberta at the Crossroads to our school library.  Your donation and support of literature will enable us to continue developing reading and lifelong learning for our students.”
                                                                                 Kathy Donkin – École Westhaven Elementary, Edson

This lovely coffee-table book is a true representation of the Alberta wilderness that we, as citizens of this great province, must strive to protect for generations to come. [The] book will be used as an educational tool, available to our full school community, in hopes of instilling a love and appreciation of nature.”
                                                                   Bryan Brandford, Principal – École Okotoks Junior High School

“The pictures are truly wonderful and when joined with the information on each photograph, make this a book for everyone. The Evansburg Public Library is housed within our school library so, on behalf of [both], we thank you for the donation of this book. It is much appreciated and will be well used.”
                                                                             Lynn Steckhahn – Grand Trunk High School, Evansburg

 “This beautiful book will be a wonderful addition to the library. As the importance of conserving our environment grows stronger, the students will now have greater insight into the beauty of Alberta and also the problems we face.”
                                                                                          Hywel Phillips – Crescent Valley School, Hinton  

“[Wild Alberta at the Crossroads] will also be a great [curriculum] resource as students explore environmental issues…. The chapter, Losing Our Way will definitely make an impact.”
                                                                            Maureen Wilson – Allan Watson High School, Lethbridge

 “As I look through this delightful book I am extremely impressed by the quality, especially the stunning photography. The layout … makes the book very attractive and [the text is] full of the most interesting information about our beautiful province.
                                                                                   Stacey Meyer – Foothills School Division, High River

“Thank you for the hard work and the wonderful book that you have produced. The photography is spectacular and the information will bring us closer to the heart of this province we call home”.
                                                                                              Donna Janz – Medicine Hat Christian School

On behalf of Medicine Hat School District No 76, I would like to sincerely thank you for the beautiful books you provided for the libraries in our schools. The format, content, and pictures are exceptional, drawing you further into the book to [learn about] Alberta’s wildlife and wildlands. I am sure our students will enjoy the beauty of the book … and be enticed to explore [the natural] regions of Alberta.”
                                                                     Grant Henderson – Superintendant of Schools, Medicine Hat

“[Wild Alberta at the Crossroads] is a beautiful and comprehensive book. [S]tudents here … have looked at the book as a group during library classes. Already, the list of those students wanting to check it out is growing. 

“It is organizations such as [yours] that make those small but significant differences in a child’s life. The blessing to hold a book in your hand is not always shared by my students. Having an up-to-date library really helps those students who don’t have books at home and would not ordinarily be able to see such quality material. Your recognition of this vital aspect of a child’s life is greatly appreciated.”
                                                                                            Janna Hill – Park Meadows School, Lethbridge

“The superb photographs and timely information will make [Wild Alberta at the Crossroads] a popular book in our library.”
                                                                                    Lorraine Pennington – Lethbridge Christian School

“Thank you for your kind donation of the book, Wild Alberta at the Crossroads. It will be a valued addition to our library collection.”
                                                                                        Susan Greier – W.G. Murdoch School, Crossfield

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